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Based in the West Midlands, we provide a planned maintenance service for sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, pump stations and cesspools.


As accredited installers of sewage treatment systems, we understand they're a big cost outlay so we want to help you get the best possible return from your investment.


We recommend your system is regularly serviced to help protect it against future problems and ensure it's operating within environmental standards. As an owner of a sewage treatment system, you are legally required to make sure it complies.

Skilled sewage treatment specialists 

Through our planned maintenance service, our team of experienced and qualified sewage treatment specialists will be able to identify any common faults, such as an under-performing system or bacterial growth. We will also help solve issues before they occur as well as ensure your system is working to its full potential.


We service all makes of sewage treatment systems, including Klargester, Titan, KEE, WPL, Enso, Conder, Bio Pure, PureFlo, Biorock, Allerton, Acorn, Uni, Ensign, Entec, Moduline etc.

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Tank services & necessary 


Tank empties & desludging


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Part replacements



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Maintenance plans & sludge monitoring


Why is it important to service your sewage system?

It’s vital you regularly service your septic tank, cesspool or sewage treatment plant. Here’s just some of the reasons why:

  • Risk of fines
    As an owner of a sewage treatment system, you have a duty of care and a legal requirement to look after it. You could risk significant fines from the Environment Agency if it pollutes the environment.


  • Prevent unpleasant odours
    If your system overflowed or there was a blockage in your system or it hasn’t been emptied for a long period, it could lead to horrible smells in your home as well as a backup of sewage in your toilet. 


  • Avoid breakdowns
    An unexpected breakdown isn’t nice at the best of times but it could come when you least wanted. For example, imagine it happened during the Christmas holidays and nobody was available to fix it or you had to wait for the parts to come into stock.


  • Return on investment
    A sewage treatment system is a big investment so it’s in your interest to make sure it is in good working order for as long as possible to avoid the need to buy a new one. By ensuring it receives regular services, you can prevent unexpected problems from arising.


  • Maintain your warranty
    To ensure your warranty is valid, it is likely that you are required to get your system serviced at regular intervals.


  • Protect the environment
    If a sewage system is failing and untreated wastewater is released into nearby wells, groundwater or drinking water sources, it can contaminate this water and transmit diseases.



What are the signs that something is wrong with your sewage system?

If you notice any of the below issues, it may mean that it is time for your sewage system to have a service or other issues need addressing:


  • An unpleasant odour coming from your system or the toilet

  • Damp soggy patches on your lawn or in your garden that weren’t there before

  • Your tank fills up faster than usual

  • Noises from your system that it didn’t make before


How often should you service your sewage treatment system?
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
    We recommend you get the buildup of sludge in your sewage treatment plant cleared and the mechanical and electronic components serviced every six to twelve months.


  • Septic tank/cesspool
    How often you should empty your septic tank or cesspool depends on the size and type of tank as well as the number of people living at your property. As a very rough guide, we recommend you should get your tank emptied and serviced at least every six to twelve months.

What areas do we cover?

We cover the whole of the midlands. This includes:  Birmingham (West Midlands), Coventry (West Midlands), Hereford (Herefordshire), Lichfield (Staffordshire), Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire), Wolverhampton (West Midlands), Worcester (Worcestershire), Shrewsbury (Shropshire), Warwick (Warwickshire), Derby (Derbyshire), Leicester(Leicestershire), Oakham (Rutland), Lincoln (Lincolnshire), Nottingham (Nottinghamshire), Buxton(Derbyshire), Glossop (Derbyshire), Cleethorpes (Lincolnshire), Northampton (Northamptonshire)


Bill Lancashire,
Finwood Designs Ltd

We were very pleased with the prompt and efficient way Cotterill Contractors dealt with repairing our bio-disc treatment plant and would happily recommend them.

Sarah Jacobs,
White Green Cottage 

I found Cotterill Contractors to be really helpful, friendly and very professional. I'd highly recommend them.

Jim Smith,
Rustlings House

I'd completely forgotten that our system was due a service so it was great that Cotterill Contractors reminded me.  Great service and lovely people.

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