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Electric Vehicle Charging

We care about the environment and want to make a difference. That’s why we specialise in the groundworks for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. 

The world is undergoing a transport revolution and electric vehicles are set to become the new norm. By 2030, industry analysts expect to see 7.7m EVs on UK roads. The move to electric is being influenced by environmental concerns, government policy and advances in technology.


As more people move to electric, there is a growing need for EV charge points across the UK and this is where we can help.

Groundworks for EV Charging Points

We have over 25 years of experience in groundworks. Our team are specialists in the installation of EV charging stations for both domestic and commercial applications. We can work in partnership or as a subcontractor on the install of charge points.  


What makes us different is the quality of our work. We take enormous pride in what we do and aim to delight our customers. ​Our groundworks services for EV charging points include:

  • Ground investigation survey, Gen and CAT survey

  • Site preparation including setting out, clearance, levelling and excavation works

  • Reinforced concrete foundations

  • Ducting for power cables to go through underground

  • Inspection pits and chambers

  • Drainage

  • Bollards and Armco barriers

  • Reinstatement works

We work closely with our clients to ensure all projects are well managed end-to-end and delivered on time and within budget – completing complex projects with total ease.

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Useful information on Electric Vehicle Charging

Why are EV charging points so important?

The UK needs to make progress on transport and domestic emissions to meet its net zero goals and help combat climate change. In 2019, the Government amended the Climate Change Act to commit the UK to achieving net zero by 2050.


In the UK, transport is seen as the biggest polluter, representing a third of its CO2 emissions. Road vehicles are the greatest contributor, with petrol and diesel cars emitting the most. In 2018, private vehicles were responsible for around 60% of all transport emissions and 13% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

With the advancement of technology and a push from governments globally, electric vehicles are set to replace fossil-fuelled vehicles. Industry analysts expect to see 7.7m EVs on UK roads by 2030 but for this to happen the infrastructure will need to be in place to support these vehicles. 


Why are companies moving towards workplace charging?


Workplace charging is the ideal time, next to home charging, to charge a vehicle because they are stationary for such long periods of time and can therefore benefit from a more significant charge. For employers, there are a number of key benefits to installing EV charging points at the workplace. These include:

  • Helping you reach your sustainability goals by reducing your CO2 emissions

  • You can offer electric vehicle charging to your employees - this can be seen as a perk and can help attract and retain employees

  • You can save more than £1,000 a year in commercial fleet and employee fuel costs per 10,000 miles

  • You can reduce employee “benefit in kind” tax for company cars

What to look for when taking on a groundworks contractor?


It’s important you do your research when taking on a team of groundworkers. We have heard some horror stories over the years. 


We recommend you take a look at their past projects to ensure they produce good quality work and have the necessary experience. For example do they have experience in the installation of EV Charging Stations. Look out for case studies on their website or ask them to provide you with some testimonials. This is something we're always happy to do.


Another tip is to check they are properly maintaining and testing their equipment. Any reputable contractor will hold the relevant industry required documentation as proof.

What areas do we cover?

We cover the whole of the midlands and can also work further afield depending on the groundworks project. Areas in the midlands that we cover include:  Birmingham (West Midlands), Coventry (West Midlands), Hereford (Herefordshire), Lichfield (Staffordshire), Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire), Wolverhampton (West Midlands), Worcester (Worcestershire), Shrewsbury (Shropshire), Warwick (Warwickshire), Derby (Derbyshire), Leicester(Leicestershire), Oakham (Rutland), Lincoln (Lincolnshire), Nottingham (Nottinghamshire), Buxton(Derbyshire), Glossop (Derbyshire), Cleethorpes (Lincolnshire), Northampton (Northamptonshire) 


Q: What are groundworks for EV charging points? 


Groundworks for EV charging points refer to the initial tasks required prior to the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in terms of infrastructure preparation. This includes activities such as excavation, trenching, laying conduits, and preparing the foundation for the charging equipment. Products such as electrical underground ducting may be required for example. 


Q: Why are groundworks necessary for EV charging points?  


Groundworks are necessary because they provide a safe foundation for the EV charging point to be placed into, in order to function properly. It is absolutely essential to make sure that the groundworks for EV charging complies with safety standards and is fit for purpose. It is also to allow for installation of underground cables to be fitted, and that they are safely and properly connected. 


Q: What types of groundworks are involved in installing EV charging points? 


The specific groundworks required may vary depending on factors like the charging system type, site conditions, and local regulations. Usually, the type of groundworks involved in EV charging include digging trenches to allow for cables to be routed, installing conduits for cable protection from the elements, configuring the charger base and backfilling the excavated areas.


Q: Are permits or approvals required for groundworks related to EV charging points?


Yes, it is imperative to obtain the required permits and approval from local authorities before beginning any groundworks for EV charging points. These permits are granted to make sure that the groundworks being undertaken are lawful and safe. They need to adhere to building codes, electrical regulations, and environmental standards. Consulting with the appropriate authorities with plenty of notice can help facilitate the permitting process.


Q: What considerations should be made during groundworks for EV charging points?


There are several key factors to consider when implementing groundworks for EV charging points, including:

  • The site conditions; it is essential to carry out a site survey to assess the surroundings, soil conditions, and potential obstacles. 

  • Finding the right location; after completing a site survey, it’s important to determine the precise location for the charging points where they will be most effective. Factors such as proximity to power supply, parking requirements, and accessibility are all things to consider when choosing the location.

  • Electrical capacity; calculating the electrical load requirements is fundamental, and ensuring the capacity for future expansion is also wise. 

  • Health and safety; as will all groundworks operations, health and safety should be a priority and a thorough risk assessment should be completed. This is to prevent any potential hazards and danger to life from occurring. 


Q: Can existing infrastructure be used for groundworks related to EV charging points? 


In some cases, existing infrastructure can be utilised for groundworks related to EV charging points. However, it is important to properly assess the working condition and capacity of existing infrastructure to determine its potential application for the specific requirements of new EV charging installations.


Q: How long does it take to complete groundworks for EV charging points? 


There are many factors which impact the duration of groundworks installation, such as the size and complexity of the project. At Cotterill Contractors we can help to estimate the time scale for EV charging groundworks based on the specific project requirements. 


Q: Can groundworks for EV charging points be performed by DIY enthusiasts? 


No - groundworks projects require specialist knowledge and training, as working with electricity can be incredibly dangerous. Our contractors are industry experts who have training in electrical expertise, excavation and other types of groundworks, and therefore have a thorough understanding of how to complete the job to a high standard and with full compliance. 


Q: How much do groundworks for EV charging points typically cost? 


This question is complex due to the number of factors affecting the cost of the project. It can vary due to the number of charging points required, to the site conditions and also distance from a power source. Speak with one of our experts on 0121 461 5311 to discuss pricing and time scales. 


Q: Can you offer the full end-to-end package?


Yes, at Cotterill Contractors we can provide the full package when it comes to installing EV charging points. We can oversee your project from design all the way through to energisation, giving you peace of mind. 

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