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Laying the groundworks for EV charging points

We’re currently in the midst of the biggest motoring revolution since Henry Ford's first production line back in 1913. With electric vehicles set to become the new norm, an increasing number of companies are now investing in charging stations to do their bit for the environment and we want to help. In partnership with Level EV, we recently provided the groundworks package for the installation of workplace Electrical Vehicles (EV) charging points.

The problem

A warehousing company wanted electric car charging points installed as a means to help it reduce its carbon emissions and reach its sustainability goals. With more and more people wanting to move to electric vehicles, the installation of charging points would also mean that it would be able to provide an additional perk to its employees.

Workplace charging is considered ideal simply because vehicles are parked for such long periods of time (employee vehicles during work hours, fleet vehicles overnight). This enables them to benefit from a much more significant charge from EV charging points.

Level EV, a fully independent electric charging solutions provider, were appointed as the installers of the charging points and asked Cotterill Contractors to provide the groundworks package to support the project.

The solution

Ten new charging points were installed in the warehousing company’s car park to enable its employees to charge electric vehicles. As part of the installation, Cotterill Contractors were required to provide all the necessary groundworks to then enable Level EV to install the electrical wiring and set up the charge points. This included:

  • Setting out the site to identify potential issues and ensure the smooth running of the groundworks project

  • Digging out trenches for the electric cables to run through

  • Installing the ducting to support the cable infrastructure

  • Installing the concrete charging point bases ready for electrical wiring

  • Installing protective barriers to prevent the charging points from damage

  • Reinstatement of a variety of surfaces after the trenching work, including grass, gravel and slabs

Abz Kelan, Head of Division at Level EV, commented: “Cotterill Contractors did a fantastic job. The groundworks package they provided meant that when it came to doing our part, the work was seamless and there were no issues. They also left the site in the state it was found so the customer was more than happy. This is the start of a great partnership and we very much look forward to working with Cotterill Contractors again.”

To find out more about our services, please contact us today on 0121 461 5311 or request a call back here.

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