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Installing a Grease Trap at Planters

Recently, our contractors have been busy over at Planters garden centre in Tamworth installing a new grease trap. This job took approximately 2 weeks from start to finish, in a variety of outdoor weather conditions!

What is a grease trap?

A grease trap is a type of tank that is designed to separate oil and water within a drainage system, to prevent blockages and oil build up. These types of tanks are often installed underground near cafes and restaurants that typically discharge excess oil in instances such as cooking.

What are the benefits of installing a grease trap?

1. A grease trap will protect the drainage system from blockages, as grease and oils are kept separate from the waste water which flows underneath. This saves time and money as it eradicates costly repairs being necessary.

2. Having a grease trap installed helps to protect the environment by controlling and preventing water contamination. When substances such as grease and oil spills into large bodies of water, it can create a film on the water surface which has a negative impact on marine life, ecosystems and water quality. By capturing grease and oils before they can flow into water networks, this is prevented.

3. Plumbing systems can be better maintained with the addition of a grease trap, as grease and oil can corrode pipework which leads to costly repairs.

How is it installed?

1. In terms of the installation process, firstly the contractors need to assess the area and decide where the most effective place to install the tank is. This is usually nearby to the building to ensure that the grease is captured at an early stage of the waste process.

2. The area is then excavated to make room for the tank. The pipework is exposed to be later connected with the new tank.

3. Following this, the tank can then be placed in the ground, and connected to the drainage system.

4. The space around the tank is then backfilled with concrete and allowed to set in place.

5. Inspection chambers are fitted to allow for the contents of the tank to be monitored. This also alerts the owner of when the tank needs emptying.

It is important to consider the size of the grease trap you are considering, as this can impact the products performance. The things which influence the grease separators sizing are sizing as per values of drain fixture unit (DFU), sizing as per the volume of total flowing fixtures and sizing based on waste pipe diameter.

At Cotterill Contractors, our team are industry experts, and we offer a number of drainage solutions. With over 25 years experience, our team are groundworks and drainage specialists who understand the unique requirements of your project. We offer a full turnkey package, whereby we can supply and install a wide variation of drainage solutions tailored to you.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and our friendly and professional team are always on hand to provide insightful guidance and advice which is tailored to you. If you'd like to know more about the services we offer, check out our website or give us a call on 0121 461 5311.

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