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  • Galvanised steel tanks

  • Mezzanines

  • Cladding

  • Concrete floors

  • Concrete walls

Based in the West Midlands, we are a construction contractor with extensive experience in delivering construction projects from start to finish for the commercial, residential and agricultural sectors.


Our projects include the construction of steel-framed buildings, barns, agricultural stores, mezzanines, superstructures as well as many other buildings. 

Professional and Experienced Construction Contractor


We're also specialists in the installation and construction of industrial-sized galvanised steel tanks used for the storage of large volumes of water or chemicals.


If you're looking for a complete package, our construction services can also be offered with our drainage, specialist foundations and groundwork services. Our services include:

  • Steel-framed buildings

  • Barns

  • Grain stores

  • Livestock, sheep & chicken sheds

  • Potato stores

Contact us today to quote on your project 

            0121 461 5311 

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