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Top 3 Construction Trends for 2023

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

This year, the construction industry is continuing to harness the power of technology to make working processes more efficient and dynamic. With a combined effort of Artificial Intelligence and the endeavour to take care of our changing planet, industry experts are consistently seeking new ways to optimise the workforce, products used and processes implemented.

Read on to discover the latest construction trends and how they are being put into practice in 2023.

1 - Drone Take Off

If you’re a project manager looking for a trusty side-kick, then investing in a drone could make your life much easier.

The use of drones in the construction sector is on the rise due to the long list of benefits which help to make complex projects much easier to bring to fruition.

They can be used to survey vast areas and obtain large amounts of data quickly, with much greater speed and ease than a human being could achieve. Using drones in this way boosts efficiency and provides an easier process. It is also safer to use a drone to view and analyse hard-to-reach and potentially dangerous areas, and safer practices can only be encouraged.

Site modelling can be created using data obtained from the unique view in the air, due to the height and quality of footage drones can achieve. This increases accuracy within the project and allows for easy collaboration between contractors. Progress during construction can be easily monitored which give an accurate depiction of how well the time-frame for completion has been achieved.

2 - Sustainability - How The Construction Industry Is Improving The Lives Of Future Generations, One Recycled Plastic Product At A Time

As one of the top users of natural resources in the world, it is understandable that sustainability is one of the essential topics in construction to be discussed in 2023. We must put into action measures that will actively reduce our carbon footprint to counteract the effects of climate change and improve the livelihoods of future generations.

In terms of sustainability within construction, the aim is to have minimal impact on the environment, for the whole life-span of the structure. The area surrounding the site must be protected, and the materials and methods used within the construction itself must be carefully considered with the environmental impact in mind.

So…what can the industry do to help?

Prior to the building construction process, the ground below needs to be suitably prepared for the addition of infrastructure. With more and more houses being built every year, it is important to consider the environmental effect and strive to keep this to a minimum.

One way to tackle this is through the installation of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). By filling the ground with Soakaway Crates, rainwater is captured and released at a designated speed which avoids flooding. The water is then released at a rate which the soil can withstand which prevents excess water overflowing from heavy rainfall.

At Cotterill Contractors, we are one of the UK's leading specialists in the installation of stormwater attenuation systems. We stock a range of soakaway crates in various sizes, so we are confident that we can supply the right product for your project.

For more information please contact or call 0121 461 5311.

Renewable energy sources such as solar panels are also an excellent way of practising long-term sustainability. Renewable energy is the way forward, and is a large contributor to the aspirational net zero emissions goal.

Not only is it important to build renewable energy sources into new buildings, but it’s also key to build infrastructure that can reduce the energy consumption of the structure once completed. This will help to attain shared sustainability goals. More on this in our next trend.

3 - Smart Cities - The Cities Of The Future

So you’ve heard of smart phones, smart metres and smart speakers…but what about smart cities?

The term ‘smart cities’ is a little ambiguous, however it ultimately refers to the use of AI and ‘smart’ technologies to improve the lives of people today, and in the future.

Building Digital Twins is an excellent way to discover new ways of making infrastructure more sustainable and efficient. A digital replica of a building can be created using BIM technology, (Building Information Modelling), which provides a platform for sustainable innovation to be achieved through the manipulation and study of previous designs.

By installing the Internet of Things (IoT) into structures, data can be collected which provides important information which it uses to optimise energy efficiency. It does this by using functions such as sensors which determine energy consumption, lighting, heating and cooling. Wastage can be minimised by harnessing this data. Smart buildings can even seasonally store thermal energy which maximises efficiency and takes advantage of natural resources.

At Cotterill Contractors, we can undertake the groundworks to support the installation of these systems.

One key element of future-proof infrastructure is the installation of electric vehicle charging stations to support the growing use of electric vehicles. These vehicles are better for the environment than petrol and diesel vehicles, as they do not give off any emissions, and the electricity required to power them can be generated through renewable sources. The running costs are lower, and they are exempt from congestion charges which are becoming increasingly implemented within major cities. This improves the air quality and reduces noise pollution in cities too.

We have specialists in the installation of EV charging stations within our team, for both domestic and commercial applications. Many electric vehicle owners are seeking to have a charging station at home, as it is convenient and cost-effective. In addition, many property developers are introducing EV charging stations as standard with new build houses, to accommodate the demand in the future.

Contact our EV charging station specialists today on 0121 461 4861 for more information.

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