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Construction of an environmental muck midden

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

We’ve been helping farmers to construct farm buildings for over 30 years and have built up a reputation for the quality of our work. Here is an example of a project we recently undertook to install a Environmental muck midden for large pig producer.

About the business 

Berryfields Farm is a well established family business based in Central England. From here they produce high quality pig meat from an exceptional welfare and health status unit.

The challenge

Chris Barber approached Andy Cotterill to construct a concrete muck midden to contain all the cleaning out from the straw based 750 sow unit.  It was essential that the construction would be built to last, stand the daily rigor of loading shovels operating within it and be such that effluent draining from the muck was kept contained within the midden.

The results

Chris Barber commented: “Having worked with Andy Cotterill in the past I knew that Cotterill Civils would be a great reliable choice for this project. Andy Cotterill came up with a vertical cantilever concrete panel design which removed the necessity for steel columns that would eventually be corroded by the effluent. The work was completed in the agreed time frame and the team worked very hard to achieve what we wanted I would certainly recommend Cotterill Civils to anyone looking for a good contractor to carry out groundworks, building foundations, concrete flooring or earthworks projects.”

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