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Attenuation lagoon for Aston Villa’s training ground

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

We’ve extensive experience in installing stormwater attenuation solutions for our clients. These range from stormwater crates to soakaway solutions. Here’s an example of a recent project we undertook to install an attenuation lagoon for a high profile project.

The Challenge

O’Brien Contractors, the multi-award-winning civil engineering and groundwork contractor, had been appointed to work on the latest phase of Aston Villa’s new training ground. The multi-million project at Bodymoor Heath was necessary due to the HS2 project. The £50 billion HS2 rail link is set to go through part of the site and as a result of this, the club’s training ground was being relocated.

As part of the changes, the facility will physically lose three academy football pitches and all of its access and servicing infrastructure. It was therefore agreed to co-locate and replace all of the lost academy pitches and training areas and infrastructure on a portion of the former quarry land to the north of the site and the far side of Coneybury Wood.

The work O’Briens had been appointed to undertake was on a new academy building, further upgrades to the access roads, new car and coach parking facilities, service roads and footpaths. As part of this work, they needed a solution to prevent excess stormwater from potentially flooding the site.

The Solution

O’Briens contacted us in regards to a stormwater attenuation solution for this project. From undertaking a detailed analysis of their needs, the plans and the site, we agreed upon the installation of a detention basin.

Detention basins are surface storage basins that provide flow control through attenuation of stormwater runoff. They prevent flooding by ensuring excess stormwater is slowly released back into the environment.

It was agreed that we would install as well as supply the detention basin by creating an attenuation lagoon. We created the lagoon using high strength and durable membrane that provides an impermeable barrier to prevent leakages.

Guy Thring, Project Manager at O’Brien Contractors, commented: “Cotterills work was efficient, to a very good standard and their no-nonsense in and out approach was just what we needed on this fast-tracked high profile job.”

To find out more, contact us on 0121 224 8322.

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