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Installation of a foul drainage system

We specialise in the installation of foul drainage systems. Here’s a recent example of foul drainage outlets we installed for a customer.


JQPM Ltd is a project management company based in Birmingham. They were working on a project to convert a large ex-warehouse in Kings Heath from a single unit into multiple units. As part of this project, they needed a subcontractor to install foul drainage outlets to facilitate the waste from newly added toilets and sinks.


Cotterill Contractors were appointed to install the foul drainage for this project. We installed approximately 50m of 100mm foul pipe, as well as four manholes, including one backdrop manhole. This also involved fixing two concrete sections that had collapsed.

To improve our health and safety as well as avoid the need for costly and restrictive ventilation equipment, we mobilized cutting edge electric excavators and tools for this job.

Andy Cyrkunowicz, Project Director at JQPM Ltd commented: "We found Cotterill Contractors to be very efficient and professional. We liked the fact that they're reliable and you can trust them to be there when they said they will. The quality of their work was also excellent. We'd highly recommend them."

If you have any drainage or environmental projects you'd like us to quote on, then please get in touch. Please contact us on or 0121 461 5311.

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