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Installation of pump station at rural property

If you live in a rural location, you may need an off-mains sewage system to treat your waste but deciding on a solution that is right for your property can be confusing. In the case of our customer, Martin Roden, we replaced his ageing septic tank with a much more economical solution, saving him huge sums of money.


The septic tank at Martin Roden’s five-bedroom rural property was old and needed correcting to ensure that it was compliant with the environmental regulations. Rather than replacing the system with another septic tank, Martin decided it would be more efficient to instead replace it with a solution that allowed him to connect directly to the main sewer.

The process of connecting to the main sewer was not straightforward though. The main sewer was located up the road and it would be difficult for the sewage to naturally flow to this point as the route to it was uphill. He had been advised that a pump station would solve this problem but it would be a costly job as it would need traffic management and the reinstation of a large amount of tarmac.


At our onsite visit to the property, we were able to identify an alternative solution that would be significantly cheaper for Martin. We installed a Dutypoint package pump station, along with the associated drainage, which instead of feeding directly to the main sewer up the road fed indirectly to his neighbour’s manhole. As part of this job, we also needed to strip his existing gravel driveway and respread it following the work.

Martin Roden, commented: “We were really pleased with the work Cotterill Contractors did for us. They saved us thousands of pounds by suggesting a solution we hadn’t thought of and unlike the other companies that quoted for the job, they actually came out to our property and did a site visit. The team were really friendly, highly efficient and did the work within the timeframe specified. They also left the site clean and tidy.”

If you need to replace or install a new sewage treatment solution, then please get in touch. Trading for almost 30 years, we are specialists in the installation of domestic and commercial systems. To find out more, please contact us on or 0121 461 5311.

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